Trial Reports

Johnson Farms

Location: Johnson Farms | Medford, New Jersey, USA | USDA zone 6
Trial Date: November 30, 2011 | Tour with Keith Macindoe, Manager
Focus: Hypericum
Top Results: Ignite Scarlet Red Hypericum, Peaches and Cream Honeysuckle (photo below-right)

IGNITE™ Scarlet Red Hypericum – These plants are compact, no rust. Full of fruit during September and October – perfect for retailers selling to garden centers. These plants are also deer resistant, an important factor for Johnson Farms as they have a customer base of landscape contractors and rewholesalers. This plant is easy to grow, and easy to have success in the landscape. Low water requirements in the landscape once established. (see photo below-left)




Johnson Farms
Trial date: November 30, 2011 | Tour with Keith Macindoe, Manager
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Centerton Nursery
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Van Belle Nursery
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Ball Tagawa Growers
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Prides Corner Farms
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Flutterby™ Pink Nectar Bush
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Ligustrum sinense trial
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