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Ball Ornamentals Expands Distribution

Ball Ornamentals announces a distribution agreement with McHutchison to expand the sales of its unique line of nursery plants. Beginning in June 2013, Ball Ornamentals will extend access of its product catalog to McHutchison sales representatives who sell woody ornamentals. McHutchison will include Ball Ornamentals products in its assortment of liners for nursery growers and finished products for their garden center customers.


“Our distribution agreement with McHutchison, coupled with the strength of the Ball Ornamentals sales team, will help us broaden our reach to nurseries across the country,” says Pete Kruger, General Manager of Ball Ornamentals. “This larger sales base will also attract more innovative new products from our breeder network, further enhancing our position in innovative shrub color for nurseries and garden centers nationwide.”

Ball Ornamentals partners with HGTV HOME Plant Collection

The HGTV HOME Plant Collection is growing its plant product line with the introduction of smart and stylish ornamental shrubs from Ball Ornamentals. The soon-to-be announced ornamental collection was developed by Agricola Management Group, in conjunction Ball Ornamentals, for the HGTV HOME Plant Collection.


“We’re excited about our partnership with Ball Ornamentals and we will be partnering with even more ornamental breeders in the future,” says Randy Hunter, CEO of Agricola Management Group. “We are confident that these ornamental additions will exemplify the attributes of our plant collection varieties: smart and stylish plants that thrive in American gardens and solve landscaping challenges for gardeners.”


Pete Kruger, General Manager of Ball Ornamentals, adds: “Our ornamentals bring a unique and diverse plant array that is primed to help HGTV differentiate itself from other brands. Our focused sourcing offers better value for home gardeners with more colorful, durable and practical choices to fit their lifestyles.”


“The continued growth of the HGTV HOME Plant Collection adds to the gardening options and solutions we can bring to consumers, ” says Ron Feinbaum, general manager of consumer products for HGTV. “We’re focused on stylish plant products that help take the guess work out of plant selection and design by creating a carefully chosen collection that can enhance any outdoor space.”


Home gardeners will be inspired with a fresh take on ornamentals.  The ornamental shrubs, which will be announced in August, will start to become available to select retailers for the 2013 season as part of the HGTV HOME Plant Collection, which officially launched with Expressions annuals this spring.


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New 2013 Catalog Available

The Ball Ornamentals 2013 Catalog is available now! Browse a digital version online here, or request a copy by calling the customer service team at 888-426-7478.


Highlights of this year's colorful new catalog include...

  • - Unique new blockbuster varieties: Lagerstroemia, Brugmansia, Hydrangea, and more!
  • - Regional recommendations from ornamental experts
  • - Color-coordinated tags


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Ball Ornamentals Welcomes New Supplier: Cottage Hill Nursery

Ball Ornamentals is pleased to announce the addition of Cottage Hill Nursery as its new Southeastern rooting station supplier. Located in coastal Alabama, Cottage Hill joins Ball Ornamentals’ existing supplier network that includes Ball Tagawa Growers, Tidal Creek Growers, Obra Verde Nursery, Van Belle Nursery, and Hochberg Ornamentals.


Since 1947, Cottage Hill has created a diversified agricultural business producing liners, finished landscape material, tropical, annuals and perennials. It has an excellent team in place, and its facilities ship over 125,000 packages a week during the spring.


“Quality and customer service are our hallmarks. We produce the finest liners for Ball customers using the same exacting standards we set for our own in-house use,” says Dave Pruitt, Sales Manager for Cottage Hill.


“We are thrilled to have Cottage Hill as our Southeastern supplier. Their liners start fast and finish strong – they’re really a ‘grower’s grower,’” says Pete Kruger, General Manager for Ball Ornamentals.


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Ball Ornamentals is Now on YouTube

The Ball Ornamentals team is on YouTube! Watch videos on culture and expert growers tips, as well as see the latest introductions to our growing product line of flowering trees and shrubs.


Now showing: Sweet Summer Hydrangea


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