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11/6/2015 | ASLA 2015
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Ball to Acquire Conard-Pyle

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Purchase creates the opportunity to combine Ball Ornamentals’ strength in woody ornamentals with Conard-Pyle’s market-leading position in roses.

WEST CHICAGO, IL – Ball Horticultural Company is pleased to announce the purchase of Conard-Pyle, a century-old plant development company, which brought the Knock Out® family of roses to market. Conard-Pyle specializes in the genetics and sales of proprietary roses, perennials and woody plants, and is headquartered in West Grove, Pa.


Among the acquired assets of the sale are Conard-Pyle’s in-house breeding division NovaFlora and its intellectual properties, which have strengthened the Star® Roses and Plants brand over the years, as well as the distribution, production and administration facilities of its wholesale division.


“Conard-Pyle’s leading genetics, long-standing relationships and nationwide network of customers have made it a valuable brand in the marketplace,” says Cees Boonman on behalf of Ball Horticultural Company. “The company is a true pioneer in the industry and we are thrilled to add them to Ball’s portfolio of top-quality breeding and distribution companies.”


“Over its history, Conard-Pyle has introduced some of the most popular lines of roses ever brought to market. Now combined with Ball’s strong reputation of research and development, distribution and marketing, we are confident the next several years will be exciting for the company,” says Steven Hutton, current president and CEO of Conard-Pyle, and third-generation Hutton family member at the company.


Ball intends for Conard-Pyle to operate as a division of Ball, retaining Conard-Pyle’s staff, name and facilities. Ball plans to integrate its Ball Ornamentals division’s strength in woody ornamentals and sales into Conard-Pyle in the coming year. The sale is scheduled to close by the end of September 2015.


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About Conard-Pyle:

For more than 100 years, Conard-Pyle has been recognized internationally as a leader in plant development and introduction. Its flagship product line, the Knock Out® family of roses, has sold over 100 million units across the United States, making it one of the most successful horticultural products ever. Beyond roses, Conard-Pyle’s in-house breeding division NovaFlora develops perennials and woody shrubs. Visit for more information.


About Ball Horticultural Company:

Ball Horticultural Company is an internationally renowned breeder, producer and wholesale distributor of ornamental plants. A family-owned business since it was founded in 1905, Ball has introduced many innovative, award-winning varieties to the world of horticulture, including the Wave® petunia family and Sombrero® series of echinacea. The company has worldwide production, sales and marketing through its many subsidiaries on six continents. For further information, visit